Leipzig is the perfect destination for a cycling group

Recently, Chris Willemse Cycles had a cycling tour and as luck would have it, we were one of their stops.  Once again I realised how perfect our destination is for groups like these.

With a breath-taking view, cyclists love the journey to our farm where they are surrounded by vineyards, mountains and nature’s beauty. Once arrived at the destination, friendly staff allocates the group’s baggage to their specific rooms and they are shown towards their room.  We set up a lovely outdoor lunch for the group to regain their strength.

A massage parlour is set up in our Chapel, where members unwind with calming music while enjoying a massage. The tranquil setting is perfect for relaxation with a gorgeous lookout onto the vineyards.

When members have their ‘free-time’, they usually spend it around the swimming pool or stroll through our Tortoise Sanctuary and the vineyards.

An assigned spot is used to clean and service the cycle bikes, which is then stored in an alarm-secured area.

Don’t fear, the group will be able to leave with a set of clean cycling gear. Laundry can be handed in by us upon arrival & given back the morning after breakfast.

Members are treated with a special Tractor-Wagon Sundowner in the vineyards and ended off with an in-depth, wine tasting & cellar tour experience before dinner. Dinner is served in a Century Old Wine Cellar exclusively set-up for the group.

Heading off to bed in our luxury accommodation, is considered a treat after such a long day. Guests are enjoying nature to the fullest and still have the convenience and peacefulness of luxury accommodation. Early rise and shine? No problem for us, a big buffet menu awaits the group before heading off to their next destination.

If you would like to enquire about our cycling packages, simply send us an email at info@leipzigcountryhouse.co.za.


Blood Sweat & Gears


Blood Sweat & Gears



Leipzig Country House & Winery is perfect for winter weekends

Winter can be as much fun as summer here at Leipzig. Come and see for yourself: Snuggle up in front of the fire, whilst enjoying our selection of red wines. Take a morning stroll through the vineyards. Sleep late and relax with a good book in bed. Experience an exclusive and personal wine tasting experience. And treat yourself with a decadent farm-style three-course dinner.

Escape to the country this winter with our special winter rates and a complimentary wine tasting.

Starting from R400 p/p sharing, including English breakfast.

T&C apply. Dates: Available dates from 28 May to 31 July 2016.

To Book: email us at info@leipzigcountryhouse.co.za / Tel: 023 3478422

To Book Online:

  1. Follow the link: http://bit.ly/27ZYPDy
  2. Check availability
  3. Choose your room
  4. Scroll down to “Winter Escape Special”

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What is the Nuy Valley Festival all about?

The annual Nuy Valley Feast is hosted by Nuy Wine Cellar, Willow Creek Olive Estate, Conradie Penhill Wines and Leipzig Country House & Winery. This exciting festival is taking place on Saturday 21 May 2016.  The charm of natural surroundings and the warmth of the people make Nuy Valley a great destination to visit and a wonderful place for festivals. Combine it with award-winning wines and olive products and you have yourself a spectacular festival not to miss. So jot it down on your social calendar and start inviting your friends!

Be entertained by the latest talent; live music by well-known and local artists will not dissapoint. Enjoy top quality wine- and olive products, Craft Beer, farm and craft market and don’t forget the bottomless wine!

The list of activities range from a Mountain Bike Challenge, fun walk and vineyards trail run, wine tasting, olive oil tastings, food markets, fun activities for children… and much more. Tractor -wagon rides drive you to each participating farm where you can explore each farm and continue the fun. Accommodation and Shuttle Services is available- so no designated driver will be necessary.

Competitions running all day with great prizes to be won!


Main Events:

5 & 10 km Fun Walk/ Trail Run

Greek Evening 

Computer Mania Mountain Bike Challenge

Big Screen Rugby evening

Bottomless wine

Festival Entrance

Buy your tickets on your first stop, all four venues will have a ticket stand available. Tickets are R70.00 per person (One ticket for all 4 venues and includes a wine glass). Free entrance for children under 18.


Events @ Leipzig Country House & Winery

We will start off the day with our annual Trail Run. a Scenic 5 & 10KM walk/run with mountain views through vineyards. Water points & a wine point will greet you along the way. All proceeds are donated to Leipzig Primary School.

Leipzig 2016 Sauvignon Blanc will be launched at our Boutique Winery. Be the first to taste this fresh and crisp wine with a tropical pineapple nose.

Be entertained with Live Music by the talented Gerry Liberty and a new and upcoming band, Sunset Sweatshop.

Delicious food with a German Flair will be available- try them all and quench your thirst with Beer Fly & Saggy Stone Beer.


Nuy Valley Feast Enquiries

Nuy, Worcester

071 205 6694





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Landi & Willem

On Saturday, 19 March two beautiful souls vowed to spend the rest of their lives with one another.

Starting off the weekend with an intimate braai with close family and friends the Friday night, a promising weekend lied ahead. A big surprise awaited the groom’s mother on Saturday morning, where she was treated wit  h a Champagne Breakfast for her Birthday.

The anticipated big ‘I-do’ was slowly but surely approaching. A big smile greeted me as I went to fetch the bride to meet her father before walking down the aisle.  It was a magical moment as they exchanged their rings…and the kiss, was out of this world.

Guests enjoyed craft beers and homemade lemonade during pre-drinks. Fingerprint canvas art was used to complete the innovated guest book.

The bride decided on two long tables decorated beautifully by Lizl from Flamboijant Décor. Instead of a wedding cake, guests were treated with donuts, which served as the wedding favour too. After our famous Crème Brule dessert, guests danced the night away.

It is a privilege to work with such great service providers in the wedding industry. Thank you, Ronel Kruger, for sharing your amazing talent with us.

RonelKrugerCapeTownWeddingandLifestylePhotographer_8973 RonelKrugerCapeTownWeddingandLifestylePhotographer_8984 RonelKrugerCapeTownWeddingandLifestylePhotographer_8988 RonelKrugerCapeTownWeddingandLifestylePhotographer_8989 RonelKrugerCapeTownWeddingandLifestylePhotographer_8990 RonelKrugerCapeTownWeddingandLifestylePhotographer_8998 RonelKrugerCapeTownWeddingandLifestylePhotographer_9000 RonelKrugerCapeTownWeddingandLifestylePhotographer_9003

Ronel Kruger


Round vs Rectangular

Round vs Rectangular…
When doing your to do list for your wedding, you will come to the point of your table plan and who is going to sit where. First of all, you need to decide what sort of tables you are going to have…Rectangular or Round tables? Or the nowadays, popular, long tables?
This thought shouldn’t be keeping you awake. I have some pointers for those who struggle.
Most people go for the round option because they think their guests will interact better than with rectangular tables. That is not the case. Round tables have a bigger surface between the opposite guests than rectangular table. Rectangular tables are just as easy to interact than round tables, you will be able to speak to guests next to you, across from you and diagonal.
Long tables are basically the same as rectangular tables, just next to each other. You will still put those guests closest to one another, adjacent to each other.
Basically it depends on your Centre Piece. If it is big and takes up a lot of space, go for round tables. If your Centre Piece will be slim or you would like to go with flowers and candles of different heights, go for rectangular or long tables. Also take in mind the venue and theme.


Nicola Bester


Breede Photography


Leipzig-109 Nicola Bester

Olivia&Christian_Wedding_Leipzig_Aglow Photography_0010

Olivia&Christian_Wedding_Leipzig_Aglow Photography_0011

Olivia&Christian_Wedding_Leipzig_Aglow Photography_0009

Aglow Photography


Nicola Bester

Our Favourite On-Location Spots on Leipzig

Even though there are so many places to shoot at Leipzig Country House, we have our favourites.

  1. The Olive Orchards

The subtle green surrounds the couple in nature but keeps the focus on the bride and groom. The white, supplied by the wedding dress creates a contrast between softness and clarity.

untitled 8
Adene Photography

Illuminate Photography

2. Winery

The winery is an exciting spot to shoot, it provides more than one option and is an elegant background. I just love a shoot in the cellar itself with bottles as the background.


Nicola Bester

3. Rose Garden

You can never go wrong with shooting at a Rose Garden. Roses and weddings goes hand-in-hand, as roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. It is definitely a must when it comes to the location of the shoot. I mean, look how romantic this looks, I just want to fall in love all over again.


Illuminate Photography

guntherschubert wedding photographer_0013
Gunther Photography

4. Honeymoon Suite

There’s a kind of sweetness and joy in the air when it comes to the bride getting ready for het big day. A fairy tale feeling coming to life. Excitement is all around, giggling ladies gushing and getting their make-up done, dressed in beautiful gowns. This is not to be missed by the photographer. It’s also why it’s one of our favourite spots for a shoot.



Illuminate Photography


  Aglow Photography

5. Leipzig’s Entrance

Leipzig’s entrance projects that happily-ever-after moment. That moment where the prince and the princess walk off, into the sunset, knowing the best love story has just been written. And with a big mountain as the backdrop, what more can you want?

guntherschubert wedding photographer_0006
Gunther Photograph

6. Historical Building

It is not just me who is in love with this historical building’s raw appearance, but photographers too. It may be the old and borrowed feeling with contrast to the newlyweds or it may be the simple and rustic look which deepens the characters of the photo.

guntherschubert wedding photographer_0007

12360313_10153768718333459_8445650390571676127_n   12359839_10153768717168459_5840100816459245623_n

Warren Williams Photography

8. The Manor House

Another great historical building to capture those special memories straight after the “I-do”.

Breede Photography

Olivia&Christian_Wedding_Leipzig_Aglow Photography_0087
Aglow Photography


Fresh Produce in our Gardens

Guests staying at Leipzig Country House is in for a treat. Our chef specially cooks dinner with fresh produce from our gardens.

Mint, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Basil, Dill, Parsley and Oregano to name a few, is the herbs we use while cooking or just to brighten up the plate.

Figs, Eggplants, Spinach, Cabbage, Lemons and Quinces are some of the fruit and vegetables we use freshly from our garden.

Guests will be surprised by some of the following fruits straight out the garden. Pomegranates, Guavas, Pomelo, Naartjie and Oranges.

We are also very proud of our Olives growing in the garden, along with Peacan Nuts and Almonds. Be sure to taste some of our very own olive oil, olives and homemade jam made with love from our gardens.

Leipzig photoshoot January-183



Leipzig photoshoot January-504

Leipzig photoshoot January-501

Leipzig photoshoot January-219

Leipzig photoshoot January-493

Leipzig Winery invites you for a wine tasting!

All good things take time. Each bottle tells a story, every sip creates a lasting memory.

From the 1890s to 1963 spectacular wines were created on the Estate, wines that even the British Royalty enjoyed during their visit to South Africa after World War 2. They sipped on a luxurious white blend called “White Leipzig”.
Wine production on Leipzig came to a halt,50 years passed and the owner decided that the wine tradition of Leipzig deserved its time in the sun again. He joined forces with master winemaker Mark Carmichael Green to bring winemaking and wine production back to the homeland.

The modern, fully equipped, boutique-style winery produces world-class wines. Only the finest, quality, handpicked grapes from the best vineyards are selected for production. To preserve the memory and continue the story, it was decided that White Leipzig would once again see the light after many years. Today, it’s a beautiful blend and it’s a must-try. We also serve Cheese & Charcuterie platters to accompany our handcrafted award winning wines.

Leipzig Winery offers intimate wine tastings in our tasting room, exclusive cellar tours on request and wine sales.
Need more info about Leipzig Winery? To book private cellar tours and wine-tastings please contact us.

Trading Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 09:00-16:00
Sat: 10:00-14:00

Email: winery@leipzigcountryhouse.co.za

Tel: 023 3478422

Leipzig photoshoot January-332

Leipzig photoshoot January-326


Leipzig photoshoot January-136

Leipzig photoshoot January-22


Harvest Season in full swing

Things have really been busy at Leipzig Winery early in the year, especially with harvest season being in full swing.

We have collected all the Sauvignon Blanc that will comprise our 2016 wine and the two components, from Durbanville and Elim, have been fermenting in separate stainless steel tanks. The Durbanville component has finished its fermentation process and is already a beautiful wine abounding with tropical flavours and a natural high acidity. A very special yeast was introduced to the Elim component, and as this newsletter goes out, this tank is still slowly fermenting. The very slow fermentation process this tank has been following is sure to bring the best out of the very high quality grapes sourced from Elim.

Leipzig photoshoot January-341

Leipzig photoshoot January-509

In addition to the Sauvignon Blanc, we have also collected some exquisite and very special Chenin Blanc grapes from the Phisantekraal area in Durbanville. These are the same grapes used to make our 2015 Lida Chenin Blanc, which we have just now released. Only 700 bottles of the 2015 Lida Chenin Blanc was produced and we hope to have more of this lovely wine in 2016. The Chenin is currently about halfway through its fermentation process. The first red grapes to enter our cellar in 2016, was Pinotage sourced from Stellenbosch. These grapes were crushed and destemmed and has spent a few days cold-soaking whilst also undergoing its primary fermentation. These grapes were then pressed and the wine has been moved to small French Oak barrels for its further development.


Now we are waiting on mother nature to tell us when the rest of our planned intake of grapes will be ready for harvest!


Our exclusive Grand Master 2014, which is a Bordeaux blend and our 2015 Lida Chenin Blanc is now available for purchase together with all our other old favourites. Please note that on the white wine side, our 2014 Viognier is getting low on stock and on the red wine side, we have very limited amount of the 2014 Master Blend and 2013 Shiraz left. Be sure to pick up a few of these wines before they are sold out.


Photos by: Illuminate Photography

Making a statement at your wedding

I just love it when brides are daring enough to make a statement on their wedding day. After all, it’s the one day you are allowed to be the center of attention. The bigger and bolder, the more beautiful. You will have your guests talking and even inspire others.

Oversize statement bouquets and flower headpieces are setting off with a bang around the world. It’s an easy way to add big colour and big drama to your decor and style. Let’s look at a few of our favourites:

Photos by: Nicola Bester Photography



This powerful head piece not only brightens up the appearance of the bride but makes a major statement of pure boldness.



This “never-ending” bouquet brings length to the bride and adds some sophistication and elegance.



If you are hesitant to go for the bold statements, soft, pastel colours will also do the trick. It will still make an impact without bringing a strong focus to you.



The elaborate flower arrangements create a look and feel of abundant feasts and luxury, a South African Flair if you may.